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Grameenphone Bondhu Now 18FNF | 3G 75MB 25Tk | WhatsApp Facebook Messenger FREE | 200SMS 5TK

Bondhu Package Offers! 18 F&F. This offer is applicable for Bondhu customers only. To migrate to Bondhu dial *111*44*1# (free) or If you already a bondhu package user so you can use this offer.For this grameenphone offer you need to follow the instruction shown below

27 Taka Recharge and 18 FnF Offer Details: 
  • To enjoy super FnF rate on all GP FnF, recharge exactly BDT 27 
  • After recharging exactly BDT 27, all GP-GP FnF will be charged 5paisa/10 sec from 12am-4pm for 5 days (including the day of the recharge), GP to other local operators FnF rate will remain as before (11paisa/10sec) and Non FnF call rates (GP-GP and GP to other local operator) will be charged at 27paisa/10 sec 
  • All call rates from 4pm-12am will remain as before 
  • After taking this offer, My Zone call rate will not be applicable 
  • To get the My Zone offer or any other recharge based lower call rate offer (e.g:- 29 taka or 25 taka ), the customer has to unsubscribe from this offer by dialing *27# (free) 
  • To check the offer validity dial *566*25# 
  • 18 FnF will be applicable for all new and old Bondhu customers regardless of 27 taka recharge 
  • Among those 18 FnF, 1 is Super FnF and other 17 will be applicable for GP or any local operator numbers 
  • If Bondhu customer do not recharge 27 taka then regular call rate of Bondhu will be applicable 
  • To set FnF, type desired number and then send to 2888 
  • To know more about FnF, type Help and send to 2888 
  • 2 taka/SMS charge will be applicable 
  • FnF can be changed after every 15 days 
Bondhu New Connection Offer Details: 

  • New Bondhu connection price is 200 Taka 
  • After the new Bondhu SIM activation, customer will get 10 Taka in the main account, 50 free GP-GP SMS, 50MB bonus Internet 
  • Pre-loaded talk-time can be used for any purpose with a validity of 30 days, SMS and Internet has 3 days validity 
  • To check the pre-loaded talk time amount, please dial *566# for SMS dial *566*2# and to avail the Internet, dial *567# 
  • After consumption of bonus Internet, the customer will be charged at 1 paisa/10KB 
  • After expiration of the validity period, Internet will be deactivated 
  • To stop the Internet offer, send an SMS STOP to 5000 (FREE) 
  • Free SMS & Internet will be given within 72 hours of activation 
  • New customers will enjoy 3 months’ worth of free Welcome Tune Subscription, 1 month music streaming and 1 month mobile TV (up to 400 mins). Service will be activated 72 hours after the connection activation 
  • No internet charge will be applicable while the customer is watching GP Mobile TV by using 3G Internet. This is a handset dependent service 
  • After 3 months, regular charging of Welcome Tune (Monthly 30 Tk/Weekly 7.5 Tk/ Daily 1Tk) will be applicable 
  • After 1 month regular charges of music streaming ( 8 Tk/ Day) and mobile TV (50 Tk for 75 min/week) will be applicable 
  • To stop Welcome Tune, type STOP and send to 4000 
  • To stop Music Streaming, type STOP and send to 7728 
  • To stop Mobile TV, type Stop 75 and send to 2345 
  • If a customer migrates from another product to Bondhu then they will get 3 months Welcome tune free subscription, 1 month free music streaming and Mobile TV 
  • In addition, all new Bondhu customers and migrated Bondhu customers will get 1 month free Music radio till 22 Nov’14 
This package with the highest number of F&F numbers, allows you to talk to your near and dear ones at the lowest rate. This is the first time that a total of 18 F&F numbers are allowed for each Bondhu customer. With 10 second pulse facility, this is the only Consumer prepaid package offered by Grameenphone that gives you the privilege of calling to 1 GP-GP Super F&F at only 5 paisa/ 10 second. In addition, 17 (maximum) any operator F&F are available at 11 paisa/ 10 second.
  • 200 SMS at BDT 5 
  • 75 MB 3G pack at BDT 25 and 9MB 2G Pack BDT 5 
  • WhatsApp application will be free across all Smartphone platforms 
  • Facebook messenger will be FREE only available in Android & iOs platforms 
  • 18 F&F numbers in total 
  • 1 GP-GP super F&F 
  • 17 (maximum) GP-GP F&F or GP-Other operator F&F in any combination 
  • Calls to GP-GP Super F&F numbers at 5 paisa/ 10 second 
  • Calls to GP-GP F&F numbers at 11 paisa/ 10 second 
  • Calls to other operator F&F number at 11 paisa/ 10 second 
  • All GP-GP calls (excluding F&F calls) at 25 paisa/ 10 second 
  • All GP-Other Operator calls (excluding F&F calls) at 25 paisa/ 10 second 

Package Call rate details

1 Super FnF (GP-GP) &17 FnF numbers (GP-GP & GP-Others)

Grameenphone to Other Operator 1.50Tk/MinGrameenphone to Grameenphone 1.50Tk/Min
Other Operator FNF 0.66Tk/Min
Grameenphone FNF 0.66Tk/Min
One Super FNF 0.30Tk/Min
*15% vat applicable

Migrate To Bondhu Package
Type “B” and sending SMS to 4444
or Dial *111*44*1# freeOne Super FNF Add
Type “SF” (space) your desired GP number “017XXXXXXXX ” and send to 2888 .
Example "SF 017XXXXXXXX " send to 2888

Change Super FNF
Type "SFC old super F&F new super F&F number" and send to 2888.
Example "SF 017XXXXXXXX 017XXXXXXXX" send to 2888

Normal FNF Add
USSD : Dial *111*2*1#
Or SMS : Type "017XXXXXXXX" send to 2888

Free Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger 

Messenger Concept:
Instantly reach the people you care about. Messenger is a fast, free and reliable way to stay in touch. It's just like texting, but you don't have to pay for every message because it works with your data plan.

  • WhatsApp application will be free across all Smartphone platforms 
  • Facebook messenger will be FREE only available in Android & iOs platforms 
  • Customer needs to have an active data plan to avail the free WhatsApp + Facebook Messenger FREE offer 
  • When using “Messenger Service” through Smartphone, Data charge for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger is complexly FREE but Smartphone back end data consumption & charges will be always be applicable 
  • To get this offer, customers of Bondhu package needs to download the WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger application from their smartphone’s respective application store ( e.g. Google Play; Windows Store) 
  • Customers can use the messenger at zero balance however on a smart phone due to back end apps update constant volume they will be charged for that usage 
  • File sharing through Facebook messenger will be charged as regular data charge 
  • 15% VAT will be applicable on all charges 
200 SMS at BDT 5 Offer:

  • To get this offer, customers can either dial *111*10*6# (free) or send SMS by typing the keyword START SMS and send the SMS to 9999 
  • Customers will be charged BDT 5 (+ 15 % VAT) for availing the bundle SMS offer 
  • Validity of the SMS bundle will be 3 days 
  • To check the balance of the SMS, customers can dial *566*2# (free) 
  • Eligible customers can take the offer multiple times during the campaign period and even before the end of validity period 
  • Customers can enjoy this offer after receiving the confirmation SMS 
  • SMS value will be accumulated with every new purchase 
  • After the ending of free offer period, customers SMS will be charged as per regular tariff 
  • The bundle SMS will be applicable for GP-GP SMS only. Port/International/GP-Other Operator SMS is not applicable 
Internet offer:

  • Bondhu customers can enjoy 75 MB 3G pack at BDT 25 and 9MB 2G Pack BDT 5 
  • To activate 75MB 3G pack: Dial *500*59# OR SMS by typing 512 75MB to 5000 
  • To activate 9MB 2G pack: dial *500*10*1# or SMS by typing 9MB to 5000
  • 1Mbps Nonstop 3G Internet 250TkUsable 12am-10am
  • Validity 30Days
  • FUP Applicable After 2GB
  • Activate Dial *500*3#
  • To Stop Auto Renew Type "Off" send to 5000
  • Data Check *567*2# or *567*1#

FREE Buddy Tracker: 

Bondhu tracker is completely free for Bondhu customers during the campaign period. To register, type START and SMS to 3020. To add friends, type ADDfriend’s mobile numberFriend’s Name and SMS to 3020. To accept a friend request, type YFriend’s mobile number and SMS to 3020. To locate your friend’s location, type LocateFriend’s mobile number or type Name and SMS to 3020.To locate you own location, type LocateMe and SMS to 3020.

Welcome Tune & Music Radio offer: 

  • Customers can enjoy the Welcome Tune & Music Radio service within 72 hours of activation to Bondhu 
  • No SMS is required to get the offer 
  • In case of Welcome Tune customers can enjoy 1 months subscription and 1 tune (GP tune) and in case of Music Radio customers can enjoy 100 Minute of browsing with 1 months subscription 
  • To renew the service after 1 month, welcome tune’s regular charge (BDT 30 monthly/ BDT 7.5 weekly and BDT 1 daily) will be applicable. Similarly after 1 month, Music Radio’s regular charge (BDT 20 monthly/ BDT 10 fortnight/ BDT 5 weekly/ 65 paisa daily) will be applicable. 
  • To stop the Welcome tune & Music Radio service anytime type STOP and send SMS to 4000 or 4040 (No SMS charge will be applicable) 
All other charges will be remain as before/unchanged
10 second pulses will be applicable
15% VAT will be applicable on all charges


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