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Teletalk Bornomala SIM Registration Process & Prepaid SIM Packages

Dear students of College/Polytechnic/Madrasha and University, We are much pleased to inform you that a very lucrative package of Teletalk named “Bornomala” will be launched on eve of “Amar Ekushe Gronthamela-2015”. This package is only valid for the students of all college and university of Bangladesh.

* Registration will start from 1st February 2015 at Ekushey Boimela-2015
* Online registration is available now
* The SIM price is only 50/=Tk.
* Lowest call & rate.

Steps To Collecting Teletalk Bornomala 3G SIM

Step 1 : Registration

Step 2 : Collect The SIM

Step 1 : Registration

( Only For College/Polytechnic/Madrasha and University Students)

1. National ID Card or Guardian National ID Card for registration

2. Registration For can Collect from Boimela and from Website (MS Word Doc) - Customer Care

3. you can submit at - Boimela Teletalk Booth - at  Email attachment send to bornomala@teletalk.com.bd . Registration hard copy will get you and save it.

Online registration

- Download Registration Form(MS Word Doc)

- Print it and Fill up

- Scan korun and Email a attachment hisebe send korun bornomala@teletalk.com.bd

- Registration er print copy nijer kace rakhun

Step 2 : Collect The SIM

1.Wait for SIM Collection Date which will be announced through SMS,Website

2. Selected Customer Care a Nirdisto Date a uposthit hote hbe.

3. User Registration Form to be collected form Boimela Teletalk Booth or Customer Care

4. For Collecting SIM Following Things Needed

* Registration er hard copy

* User Registration Form which can be collected from Boimela Teletalk Booth or Customer Care

* College/University ID Card Photocopy

* Voter ID Card Photocopy

* 2 Passport Size Photo Teletalk Bornomala 3G Prepaid Package Teletalk-Teletalk 30Paisa/Min Teletalk-Other 60paisa/Min

*10Sec Pulse & VAT Applicable With New SIM Free Things Are 50Min Teletalk-Teletalk , 50SMS, 50MMS, 50MB Data At 30Tk Recharge 30Min Teletalk- Teletalk, 30SMS, 30MB Data with 3 Days Validity Teletalk Bornomala 3G SIM Special Internet Package Speed 512Kbps

500MB 70Tk

1GB 130Tk

5GB 400TK

*VAT Applicable


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